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My current topic of interest is How Not to Be a “Karen” (or “Ken”) SLP.

Are you an SLP looking for different ideas? Then, you’ve come to the right place. At Outside the Box, I think differently. Here, I am dedicated to helping clinicians and families develop research-based, creative, and practical ideas to help children with communication disorders reach their potential.

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**Please note** Outside the Box exists as a place to develop and discuss ideas for ways to address children’s speech and language needs. I am always happy to provide resources or suggestions for things to try. But, this site and our discussions are not a replacement for the services provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist in your area.

About Outside the Box

Mission Statement

At Outside the Box, my mission is to help develop creative, research-based intervention ideas for individuals with communication disorders with your trust, care, and empathy in mind.

CLOUDS Philosophy

As a researcher, I am very interested in continuing to further our clinical knowledge about effective treatments for children’s speech and language disorders. I strive to use the method I developed, the CLOUDS Philosophy – (Cultivating Language OUtcomes in Diverse Systems) in the development of ideas to try in speech-language therapy.

A Partnership

At Outside the Box, I believe it’s critical that SLPs have a creative space to collaborate with each other. I created Outside the Box and this site as a way to have open discussions about what’s working and what isn’t for children with communication disorders.

About Dr. Bass

I am an ASHA-certified and Nevada state-licensed speech-language pathologist with more than 20 years experience treating children with a variety of communication disorders. I also am a child language researcher who continues to research effective interventions in speech-language pathology. I received my Ph.D. in preschool- & school-age language & literacy development from Florida State University, my Master’s degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Tennessee, and my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University Bloomington.

Outside the Box on Boom Cards


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