Free Boom Cards Download Until 10/1

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In gratitude for all of the families, SLPs, and special education teachers who work to improve the quality of the lives of children with communication disorders, I am offering a free Thanksgiving-themed download on Boom Cards. This deck will be available at no cost until 10/1. You can find my store under my pen name – loribslp.

This deck is one of a series based on the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Lucille Colandro. I’ve designed this series for developing language learners who are generally at the 2-4 word level expressively. These decks can be accessed by individuals who can use direct access, a stylus, or who use eye gaze systems on internet accessible SGDs.

There is a 4-slide preview available for each of the decks I’ve published. If you like this deck, please check out the other decks I have available for purchase for 25 points each. That’s about $.25 per deck :)!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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