New Boom Cards Available

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I have a confession to make. I’m a dinosaur nerd. I’ve always been fascinated by paleontology, anthropology, and archeology. It’s a lifelong passion of mine. I have two big things on my bucket list – complete a degree in paleontology and go on a real dig. Fortunately, those two things go together. (My plan to stay in undergrad one more year to complete the dual major in speech and hearing sciences and psychology with a minor in anthropology got nixed by the bean counters my very loving parents who paid for my Bachelor’s degree. Something about needing to be able to get a paying job after grad school…)

I love that kids love dinosaurs. It gives me a chance to learn about new discoveries. It gives me a chance to remember the wonder and thrill of learning all over again.

A kindergarten client of mine recently passed away unexpectedly. He loved dinosaurs. I love that we had that in common. In his memory, I developed a set of Boom Cards based on the book, I Am A Dinosaur. This deck is a celebration of my client’s life as well as a celebration of kids’ love of learning about dinosaurs. You can find the link to my Boom Cards store here.

James, I miss you, kiddo. But, I promise to share our love of dinosaurs with other friends!

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