Happy Opening Day 2023

Image courtesy of cindydangerjones on Pixabay.com

For all those who celebrate (or knows someone who celebrates), today is Opening Day 2023 in Major League Baseball.

I’m an A’s fan. I appreciate the outside the box thinking of Moneyball, even if it can take a while to take shape. Baseball is a marathon, not a sprint and Opening Day is the beginning of the marathon. Every team starts with the same record. Today, every team has the same chance to go to the World Series in October. Hope springs eternal, today especially.

Did I mention I’m an A’s fan? All too soon, I’ll have to face the reality of a very young team of players who will likely be big stars somewhere else in a few years. But, today, I’m going to enjoy watching how well the A’s players match up against Ohtani and try to see just what A’s management sees in our young left-hander, Muller.

Happy Opening Day 2023 everyone!

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