Happy Earth Day 2023

Image courtesy of nohaggerty on Pixabay.com

Take a moment today to give thanks to this amazing planet we call home and which has given us everything we need to survive.

Take a moment, too, to reflect how you can tread more lightly on her surface.

  • Can you avoid using plastic today?
  • Can you reuse or recycle something instead of buying new?
  • Can make that trip by walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car?
  • How can you use less water today?

If you ask yourself these questions every day (instead of just today), how much lighter do you think your footprints on the Earth’s surface will be in a year from now? In 5 years from now?

We all have a responsibility to care for the Earth which nourishes us. We all have a responsibility to leave her healthier than we found her.

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