Walking in My Shoes Episode 1

Episode 1 – An Interview with Misty is now live. It currently is available on Spotify but will be available on other platforms shortly.

Misty is a mom of 3 and talks about her challenges in rearing her son with autism as well as her other 2 children. We talk specifically about what she thinks has gone well and not so well with the different therapists who have supported her son. We talk about barriers to supports as she see them and what she sees as the most important thing to be aware of when working with families like hers. We were interrupted by the bus dropping off the kids after school, but we were able to touch on what she thinks OTs & SLPs need to teach the students we supervise.

Please let me know what you think. Misty is definitely interested in continuing the conversation. If you have comments or suggestions for topics, please feel free to comment on the site or send me an email.

Thanks for listening!

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