November is Native American Heritage Month

November – National American Indian Heritage Month, handwriting in a desktop calendar with ceramic vase against abstract paper landscape, reminder of historical and cultural event

I currently live on land that stands on Southern Paiute or Nuwuvi land. The Paitue developed a rich culture in the Las Vegas area that respected the dry, arid, tough, yet fragile ecosystem around them. They did not have much contact with mainstream culture until the Transcontinental Railroad was built in the 1800s. The Paiute bought their current land from a woman, Helen Stewart, in 1911 – 6 years after the town of Las Vegas was established. However, the federal government did not recognize the Las Vegas Paiute tribe as a sovereign nation until 1970.

What do you know about the Native Americans on whose land you stand today?

h/t to UNLV’s History of the Nuwuvi People

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